Light Behing Darkness ImageGenerally in life we see the sun more than we see storms. When a storm does roll around most of us think of darkness, gloom, impending tragedy. We may hide or become fearful. This is how we are sentenced to feel when we are out there using. Every minute is a storm and rarely do we have the opportunity to see the light of day. However if we make the choice to get sober, we notice the clouds begin to scatter allowing a glimpse of light to shine through. Storms do pass.


They might cause destruction which thus we are left to pick up the pieces; but the sun is always there, whether we can see it or not. And the day we wake up and see that the sun is up in the great sky and feel it's light and warmth reach our face, only then do we become aware that the glorious sun had never left us.

We never need to return to the life we spent in misery underneath a dark cloud. The light of sun will greet us willingly, if we allow it to. We will feel the joy, peace, and hope that we had long forgotten; and even possibly believed no longer existed. When storms pass and the clear skies return, we are thankful just to be able to awaken each and every day, look up into the bright blue sky and gaze upon the sun--that glowing, golden ball of fire, shining a light down from the heavens to illuminate a new path upon which we will take our next steps.

We appreciate the light that we had been blinded from. We begin to see how we used to take for granted those things in life so freely given to us; like thus we did the sun. We begin to heal and a new happiness flows through us. We are freed from a life of constant fear. We are granted with a whole new perception of the world and the way by which we choose to live in it. Because we have experienced absolute despair, we are able to have the gift of feeling true happiness.

However, we must not regret or forget the fear and misery we once endured through those terrorizing and seemingly endless storms. But remember that we are survivors. We were given another chance at life. We are filled with gratitude realizing that there is always hope.

There is always light awaiting behind the darkness. And with that, we rejoice!