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Teen Mom 2" Dad Corey Simms Stands By Drug Accusations About Ex-Wife

A few months ago, I was having lunch with a most respected client in the treatment space who came right out and said the following: “Addiction, for the most part, is not a disease. It was a labeled a ‘disease’ so that insurance would pay for its ‘treatment’.”

Flakka cases have been breaking out across the country!

One heroin addict was found dead in a Palmetto parking lot. The Bradenton Police Department received three overdose calls within 11 minutes one July weekend.

The University of Miami School of Medicine and the Florida Chiropractic Society is currently conducting the first large-scale human population study to prove the effectiveness of the chiropractic adjustment in dealing with chemical addiction.

Sisters Yoselin (left, age 7), Mardi (center, age 4), and Dayan (right, age 5) Lopez try out their new bikes

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