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For over 60 years, Starlite Recovery Center has helped men and women reclaim their lives from addiction to alcohol and other drugs and find life-long recovery. Located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, our staff of caring, experienced professionals will help you understand the disease of addiction, and address the underlying causes of abuse to promote real, long-term recovery. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation. Admissions: (866) 295-9421 

Adult Residential Addiction Treatment Center

As Texas’ leading drug and alcohol treatment center, Starlite Recovery Center provides a variety of evidence-based treatment protocols that are proven effective.  This includes individual and group therapy, facilitated by a staff of trained, caring professionals. And because addiction is a disease that affects every member of a client’s family, we also provide family counseling to help in the recovery process. Medically-supervised Detox: Upon admission, clients enter Starlite’s detox program, which is both safe and effective to remove the harmful substances which have contributed to addiction. Under our highly trained medical staff’s supervision, clients complete the process of withdrawal with minimal discomfort and risk. Our rehab program uses only the most effective detox protocols while providing 24/7 nursing staff, daily physician visits, and on-call physician coverage in order to preserve our clients’ safety. Clients are welcome to attend programming during the day so as to jumpstart the healing and recovery process.

Residential Program: After successfully completing detox, clients are able to move to the residential rehab program. Situated on 55 peaceful acres in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, clients work closely with counselors and technicians and receive ongoing support as they work towards achieving life-long recovery. Starlite’s holistic approach to treatment includes:

  • Life skills groups
  • Specific theme groups
  • Participation in a Twelve Step group
  • Twelve Step, or “Big Book” Study
  • Ropes course with rock wall and zip line
  • Equine-assisted therapy
  • On-site certified personal trainer
  • Fully-equipped workout facility, outdoor pool, miniature golf, wilderness outings, nature trails
  • On-site yoga classes and meditation space
  • Therapeutic massage*
  • Acupuncture*

Young Adult Male Addiction Recovery Program

Starlite Recovery Center has the distinction of offering a full continuum of treatment programs for young men (18-28 years of age) that are struggling with issues of substance abuse and independent living.

Young men who struggle with addiction and other closely-related issues often face an even more difficult transition to adulthood than their peers who do not abuse drugs or alcohol. In order to address the unique needs of these young men, Starlite has developed the Neoteric Program.

‘Neoteric’ is a Latin word meaning new, young, or modern. This exceptional track is a 45-day rehab program with activities specifically tailored to the needs and interests of this specific population. A dedicated team works closely with each client to develop an individualized treatment plan that provides education on the disease of addiction, helps uncover the barriers to success, and creates a roadmap for lifelong recovery.

The curriculum used with Neoteric clients focuses on recovery from chemical dependency as well as the development of independent, sober-living skills and teaches the skills needed to successfully re-enter life.

With a ropes course, hiking, fishing, kayaking, equine therapy, organized sports, and more, this highly-experiential rehab program helps young men face their substance use issues head-on and prepares them to re-enter the world as healthy, happy, well-adjusted young men.

According to Amy Swetnam, executive director of Starlite Recovery Center, “when young men are engaged in meaningful activities and are able to discover a passion and develop goals for their lives, research shows that treatment outcomes are greatly improved. In other words, with Starlite’s Neoteric rehab program, young men learn that not only can they live without using drugs and alcohol, they can also have a great deal of fun and find a new purpose for their lives.”

To help Neoterics understand what it truly means to live one day at a time in recovery, Starlite Recovery Center works closely with other young adults who have struggled with addiction in the past and are now living clean and sober. These young people provide support and speak candidly on how their lives have been enriched by a life in recovery.

At Starlite, we have created a relaxed, judgment-free environment. Along with their newfound sobriety, Neoterics practice the necessary skills that allow them to leave the program as confident, contributing members of their communities.

According to Swetnam, “here at Starlite, the participants of the Neoteric program learn how to fill their time with positive things and participate in sober activities. This program truly helps young men take that next step on their personal road to lifelong recovery.”

Christian Addiction Recovery Program

The Journey is a faith-based rehab program, designed specifically for those who desire a Christian approach to the recovery process. Available to anyone wishing to participate, this non-denominational, rehab program provides a certified Christian counselor to help clients build and strengthen their faith throughout their time at Starlite Recovery Center.

The Journey Christian Program is open to anyone wishing to participate. Clients in this rehab program join weekly process groups that combine Christian beliefs with evidence-based, psychological principles in order to treat the whole person, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

In order to provide a well-rounded, truly comprehensive treatment experience, the Journey Christian Program incorporates a variety of activities into the care offered. These include:

  • Daily journaling
  • Bible study
  • Twelve Step group meetings
  • Meetings with chaplains
  • Meditation
  • Celebrate Recovery meetings

We recognize and appreciate that each individual client brings their own unique background and set of life experiences that makes them who they are today. We strive to offer programming that meets our clients’ needs, both in their lives and in their recovery. We have found that those who rely on their faith during their time in treatment often flourish when provided with the opportunity to engage in a program that not only encourages that sense of faith, but helps it grow that faith.

The counselors in the Journey Christian Program are dedicated to helping clients overcome the disease of addiction and co-occurring mental health concerns through traditional therapeutic interventions, while also remaining true to a Biblical foundation of support.

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